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Posted on January 27, 2018 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (163)

#HHWineReviews #HH ❦❥❧

2013 SILVER PALM Cabernet Sauvignon



Had brought some Apothic (Red) to a party; and a guest said; oh you might like this and generously poured me a glass.

I sniffed the bouquet for a full minute if not more.

Sniffing the bouquet is not just an important step/ritual; but a vital moment in knowing the effect & potential of the wine.

The bouquet of 2013 SILVER PALM Cabernet Sauvignon is magical. I know right? But what it does is it envelops; it goes further than just your sense of smell. You breathe it in and it goes …farther. It permeates. In a good way.

It is an intoxicating smell…not to be sarcastic…

The smell is bigger than the wine; it seems…

It has a full mouth body feel; it is rich and true.

It goes down smooth…so smooth for a cab. Some folks have trouble with a cab; this one has a feel that is rich and yet goes down smooth/light.

Still has full richness you want from a CAB; but can go down easy.

There’s a lightness at first; a nice lightness & yet it’s still a cab; it’s lovely.

GREAT with drunken goat cheese from Whole Foods

#HHWineReviews #HH ❦❥❧

p.s. With it I rec’d the healthy chocolate choice; whole foods lily chocolate ; no added sugar; lots of cacao and stevia


#HHWineReviews #HH

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Famille Perrin Réserve Côtes du Rhône Rouge

From their site: The Reserve in 2014 shows lots of fruit, good freshness and character. The Grenache / Syrah duo blends perfectly. Pretty aromas of red and black fruit, good aromatic intensity, the mouth is fresh and generous. The silky tannins accompany a long aromatic finish.

HH Take: bouquet solid & strong. Perfect finish! Has depth but still light…& it still lingers. Beautiful label; great price & love the screw top for parties. Good French red; has dignity but is reserved. Light, yet full. There’s a tart feeling in your throat; but not on the palate. It’s refreshing for a red…





#HHWineReviews #HH ❦❥❧